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Confidential, 2011
Communication, Media and Utility Experience
Business Functions Leading Practices
Customer Care
bullet Online self help and rebates
bullet High volume IVR
bullet Complex order management and provisioning
bullet Centralized product catalog

Sales & Marketing

bullet Large scale
bullet On line account
bullet High volume promotional offers
bullet Real time credit status
bullet Online sales, loyalty programs, site analytics
bullet Sales channel integration
Engineering bullet Advanced receivers and DVRs
   Widgets and gadgets for iPhone, Facebook, Social Networks

Production, Post Production and Distribution

bullet Digital asset management, licensing and publishing
bullet Integrated process design and workflow integration
bullet Encoding, transcoding and DRM
bullet Authoring and Compression
bullet Meta data extraction and management

and Network

bullet I/O Intensive video storage and server deployment
bullet Converged network design and implementation
bullet Video file transport and digital delivery
bullet Network optimization and WAN acceleration

Supply Chain

bullet Content provisioning and management, systematic activations
bullet Vendor managed inventory
bullet Demand planning, forecasting and replenishment
bullet PLM
Billing & Payment bullet High volume, complex billing and payment practices,
   i.e., quick activation incentives

Finance & Accounting

bullet Participations and residuals
bullet Cognos business intelligence, performance management
   and reporting
bullet Rights management